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{ARTIST TO WATCH Q&A} Moe Carter | @MoeCarter107

Tuesday, June 26

{ARTIST TO WATCH Q&A} Moe Carter | @MoeCarter107

Artist to Watch Q&A: Moe Carter

As a fellow radio host on Platinum Radio, I'm constantly in search of great music to play on my show. I had no idea who Moe Carter was when one day my fiance was playing his song, "Neighborhood" from SoundCloud and I was like, 'Who's that?'. He told me & I was locked in. I asked if he could reach out to him and one thing led to another and he's now in our network of indie artists. *happy dance*

With an interview on Platinum Radio Online & a live interview with fellow host, Bruce Anderson during the Platinum Midday Grind, I felt it only right if I get in on the action & interview him, myself, because I'm interested in how he got started musically due to his lyrical ability being so eclectically impeccable.

However, in today's world there's not many indie artists that have completely free schedules so I simply sent him a list of interview prep questions to get the ball in motion & you can expect a live interview with me & this artist on my show, Rise and Shine with Rae in the upcoming weeks. Check out his Q&A below & be sure to follow Moe Carter on Twitter & Instagram. Also, check out his official website & sign up for his mailing list to remain updated on all things Moe Carter.


Question: What's your name & email address?
Answer: Moe Carter. moeknowswede@yahoo.com

Q: What is your genre of choice?
A: Hip-Hop/rap

Q: What prompted you to want to do music? And how long have you been singing/songwriting/recording?
A: Simply it's just where my heart is at, CM big stars that I looked up to do it made me want to emulate that my own way. I have been song writing for over 15 years and I have been recording for roughly 3 years.

Q: How old were you when you wrote your first song? Do you still remember the title?
A: My first written and recorded song was named Off My Block featuring a local friend of mine that took place in another friend's uncle's basement. Ever since that my pen has been steady in motion.

Q: What’s your top 3 inspirations for your music?
A: I like the fashion it is one of the pillars that holds the artist together, appearance is everything. Flow is almost everything to me it's what gives me the urge to pickup the pen and write ASAP, wordplay makes up a huge percentage of my songs. And "recycled originality" which in my explanation is by studying the greats that give me drive, do it my way and pay the homage when I do it to the fullest

Q: What are some of the musical greats that inspire your music?
A: Biggie, The Lox, G-Unit, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, Jay Z, It is way too many Greats to name maybe I'll write a short book about this topic one day.

Q: What would you tell younger generations pursuing music as a career?
A: Learn and invest in your career most importantly this music is your life in your hands. And don't chase the bag right away that takes some time until perfect your craft and follow the dream all facts.

Q: If someone needed to contact you for a performance, how can someone book you?
A: My Email Is moeknowswede@yahoo.com or simply just dm me on Instagram at sgmg_mc. I also can be found at my personal site which is MoeCarterSGMG.com

Q: What do you feel makes you different from other artists?
A: My mindset in an artistic way; I got a knack for adapting to beats and mood patterns. My songs are a little off-beat but eye-catching, I give off diversity that you rarely see in the rap game these days.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate The Underground Artistry?
A: 10

And that concludes the Artist to Watch Q&A; but, stay tuned, because in the upcoming weeks, you'll be able to listen to so much more during the audio for the live interview. So hit that follow button to the side & be sure to follow Moe Carter on all his social platforms, as well as SoundCloud. You can enjoy Sour Bunga & Neighborhood, two of the singles from Moe Carter, via SoundCloud below.

As always, if you're feelin' the song, drop your comments below & let me know what you think. Hit that share button. Follow the blog. Also, click the hyperlinks herein to be directed to Moe Carter's other channels. Thanks for visiting, reading, supporting. I love you guys & I hope you enjoyed the content!

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Monday, June 18

[CELEBRITY NEWS] XXXTentacion Confirmed Dead at 20 Years Old | @xxxtentacion

XXXTentacion Confirmed Dead After Fatal Shooting in Miami

XXXTentacion dies in Miami

It's a sad day in the music world today as another young rapper is taken too soon. The Florida native rapper, XXXTentacion was confirmed dead at only 20 years old after a fatal shooting in Miami after he was reportedly shopping for motorcycles. 

XXXTentacion new album ?Over the past year and a half, we saw this artist rise to stardom as his latest album, ? hit number 1 on the Billboard Charts. His single, "Sad!" hit number 17 on the charts and has grossed over 170 million views --and counting-- on YouTube. 

Musically, he's had issues with Drake over a song released by Drake titled "KMT" when XXX's fans were basically saying Drake stole his "flow" from his breakout hit "Look at Me". Though XXX seemed cool about it at first, he later changed his demeanor to post pictures of his face photoshopped on Drake's father's face & saying that his 'mom could get it'. The beef between the artists was short lived as Drake claimed he didn't copy XXXTentacion's flow and he didn't even know who the rapper was until the fans pointed out the song similarities. You may remember the "Look at Me" video which sparked major outrage in 2017 as he attempted to hang a child in the music video. And though he was still relatively new to the music scene, he was labeled as 'rap's most controversial artist'.

XXXTentacion was also in and out of legal issues, as his first encounter with the law was when he was only 6 years old as he ended up stabbing a man who was trying to attack his mother, which ultimately landed him in a detention center before he was forced to live with his grandmother. More recent allegations are those of him allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. (unconfirmed)

After the news of XXXTentacion's death was announced, many artists took to social media to pay tribute.

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker said: "I’m at a loss for words... speechless RIPXXXTentacion Loved collaborating with you. You were a true artist, one of the most f*****g talented of our time."

Rapper Tyga posted: Really sad Rip xxx.. so sad to lose good artist," followed by three prayer emojis.

Meanwhile Aaron Carter tweeted: "Rip xxx Tentacion this is absolute devastation so much talent I’m shook"

As you can see, artists & fans alike are stunned by the news. 
XXXTentacion, you will be missed by those that knew you & adored you. RIP!

You can listen to his single, Sad! below:
Follow XXXTentacion

Until next time...


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Monday, June 4

New T-Shirt Collection!

Lifestyle Collection

I've contemplated starting a comfy apparel line for an eternity this time tomorrow. Well, SunFrog is making it possible with their custom design features & the ability to make money from my designed collections. They even offer templates you can customize and market as your own. How cool is that? The latter fact alone lets me know they want you to succeed. Right? 

Well, I took full advantage & started my first actual collection: 
the Lifestyle Collection

A collection of inspirational, motivational, spiritually opening, & chic apparel. Most for women, some for men & even a few for the youth. 

My personal favorite from the collection is the "Blend in for What!" set. Right now, the set only includes a variation of tees & tanks with a recent addition of iPhone cases with the same mantra & image.

Blend in for What! from the Lifestyle Collection
Uni Tank
Fitted Tee

Bella Flowy Tank

Youth Tee
iPhone Cases

In the future, there will be long-sleeves, hoodies, hats, coffee mugs, leggings, posters, and more! This is also my most ordered collection. Follow the links underneath the images to go to the check-out & get yours today!

I also have the "Music is..." set, which actually already includes hats, that has a gorgeous image affixed that finishes the set's title with "...Love". You can view & be directed to those products below.



Bella Flowy Tank

As before, there will soon be more in the product line. I am proud of the progress thus far, however, and am so looking forward to the future of this collection. Stay tuned. More coming soon!

The Lifestyle Collection. 
Created by Rachel Marie.

Another cool achievement added to the repertoire!

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The HealThy Self Set

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