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Sarai Juelz: Artist Interview

I came across an amazing singer/songwriter in 2015. I was going through a time in my life where I felt I was losing everything. Her lyrics spoke to me. They helped me through that moment in time where I felt like giving up. 
Her name is Sarai Juelz. 

The first songs I heard by this artist were "Damage", "Just Because You Fall in Love", and "You Did That". I fell in love. My ears were crying from the truth in the lyrics. My eyes watered as a lump grew in my throat as I cried it out and let it go. I was done with that pain and her music helped me move forward. 

Today, I introduce her as one of the best R&B vocalists and songwriters I know that is from my neck of the woods: Soperton, GA, but resides in Atlanta. 

She will be that voice you won't forget. 
She is that voice you want to put on replay.

I am honored to have been able to connect with and interview her. 

So, who is Sarai Juelz?

By birth, she's Kimberly Michelle Howard. I had the privilege of connecting with her online through Facebook about 2 years ago. However, we never really spoke much though we were in a couple groups together. One day I started this blog...and in the light of needed artists to interview, she was one of my picks. So, here we are.

I asked about the name change, which she was more than open to explaining, for I did previously know how it came about, yet I didn't know the full story. 

She tells me she 'floated around a lot', which gives way for all the names she accumulated over the course of her career as an artist and writer. Names like Kay Michelle, because her grandmother wanted to name her 'Kay', she tells me. She also went by Mandeeza, Yaa-Theory, SWOAN--which stands for 'Someone Without A Name'. She informed me that she was writing in her journal one day and missing her children, who passed away due to pregnancy complications: her daughter, Sarai Imani and son, Zion Juelz. She gets to the end and signs it, Sarai Juelz. "That's the first time I felt connected", she states. Finally settling upon Sarai Juelz in memory of her children, she's now moved from the Red Clay central of Soperton, Georgia to the hometown of some of today and yesterday's hottest artists: Atlanta.

I go on to ask her about the musical greats that may have been inspiration to her. As such a young artist, singing since she was 3 years young, she's had her share of musical greats that have been inspiration for her. From the likes of artists such as Diana Ross & Janet Jackson to Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, and Erykah Badu. She stated, "overall Aaliyah, Chante Moore, and anything that Dino from H-Town sings". She also pulls musical inspiration from her brother, Ness Lee. She states, "The way he has mastered his craft is amazing, and to witness it was even more awesome.  I strive to have his work ethic when it comes to music." 

When she was around 7, she wrote her first song for her mother: "Ride that Train to Heaven". She stated, "I knew she was chasing a rainbow that conflicted with her faith, and I wrote it for her." Which moves us right into the question, what's the top 3 inspirations for your music? She states, "pain, love and life in general". I can't agree on a better trio. 

I asked Sarai, what makes you different from all other artists that we hear or have heard? She goes on to say, "I only write and sing what I know.  I won’t ever do a song for myself just to sell records.  If I record it, it will be something that applies to me or my life in some aspect." She goes on to state that if she does write a song that 'isn't her', she'd 'sell it or let someone else sing it' because she only makes music that 'makes sense' to her life. 

Continuing the interview, I go on to ask her: what would be some advice you'd give to younger generations that may want to get into the music industry?

"Get all the vocal training you can get. I haven’t had any and the voice I had when I was younger is no longer there.  You can absolutely lose it if you don’t train it.  Learn the business side of it. Always create the music you want to represent you, even if you’re the only one who likes it, because you’ll always be able to explain who you are and the purpose of your music.  If it’s not true to you, it won’t be true to who’s listening to it." And she lives by that. One of her mottos’ is "The best person you can ever be is you", and that is nothing but the truth. Going on to say she lives by 2 other mottos’: "I never lose: either I win or I learn" and "The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear".

I can honestly say this has been one of the most inspirational interviews I've done to date. Her music moves you. Her lyrics speak to you. What more can you ask for in an artist? She has a long career ahead of her.

If you'd like to contact Sarai Juelz for booking, you can call (404) 942-9270 or you can email Her website will be available soon, but for now you can preview and purchase her album, Sarai vs Love, on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and CD Baby. You can also visit her on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, and SoundCloud. Just search for her name: Sarai Juelz. Or, you can click on the links herein.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my interview with this amazing artist and songwriter. Be sure to check out her links and share when you get there.

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